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NCC Service:
At NCC, we pride ourselves in regards to service. When you're in need you may be faced with many different and difficult situations. Our attack is two fold and we work with you on selecting the degree of service that you not only require, but can also afford. This is accomplished by the following...
Step 1 - Consultation:
  • We listen to you in finding out what your issue is and analyze the issue.
  • We communicate at least 2 solutions when possible to help you decide.
  • We open a ticket which you have full web access to viewing and noting.
    Step 2 - Execution:
  • We execute the plan NCC and you have decided upon for resolution.
  • We verify execution to be successful and report back to you.
  • We let you close the ticket or we can close it with your permission to ensure your satisfaction.
    NCC has folks on stand-by 24/7 to help service your needs so that you can keep your business in operation round-the-clock!