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NCC opensource projects:
axMail is a simple SMTP text-based client program for linux based node interfaces. Based off of mailx, it can handle read, write, reply, kill/delete as well as undelete of your email messages. SMTP based mail can also be flagged as priority mail that's compatable with Outlook.

Heissu Tampa Ping Pong URO or HTPPU convers server allows you to add keyboard to multiple keyboard "online chat" to your node. HTPPU allows for multiple concurrant channel chats, private messaging, channel operator, and more!

URONode is the central hub of your station! Based off node softwares such as linuxnode, FlexNode, and AWZNode, URONode brings your station into an environment ready for interfacing with today's systems such as FlexNet, Xnet, and even xNOS systems. URONode contains a "smart ax25 router" that will automatically digipeat ax25 connects for you and your users. The "instant messenger" feature allows a user on your node to send a message to another user. Many plugins are available including axMail which combined with xFBB, will make URONode have the same features if not more than does xNOS.

Custom Installs available! Contact UROWeb today for a quote on installations! We can do:
  • URONode
  • Xnet
  • axMail
  • Custom init script for auto load upon boot

    NCC will not:
  • install/compile a new kernel or missing modules or libs
  • configure/reconfigure a CPE (router)
  • sysadmin the box
    These are all expected to be handled by the operator. We do have a forum where you may share your troubles and solutions click here for them. We also have two screenshots. 1 is a plain URONode screenshot fullscreen. 2 is a split screen showing URONode and axMail-fax.