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NCC is one of the few companies to survive the infamous "Dot-Bomb" era by keeping expenses at a bare minimum while doing what we can to deliver the best and most reliable of service to our customers... many who have been with us during the tenure of the company.

We are a limited liability company which gives us the flexibility to service New England and the NY Metro/Tri-State area rapidly and efficiently.

We have many years of experience in computers, internet, networking, security and support. We've won the International Executive Guild's "Who's Who" for his genius in network protocols and contributions to the global internet community. Our founder also served as the NorthEast TCP Association as President for an extended term while working on 3 key projects for the amateur radio community assisting them with linux based solutions for emergency communications purposes. His professional experience includes engineering at Reon Broadband,, and he was the key engineer that designed the link between Covad and RCN Communications saving MILLIONS of dollars of potentially lost business for both.